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harrychrista and juliafrank



Family Outcomes

"Family Outcomes" has maintained as its focus the subject of people in my life, whether immediate, extended or chosen family, and how they have affected me in continuing and evolving ways. The central theme of this work is the notion that we are tied to our family and friends whether by experience or memory, and that our being in relationship does not end because of some arbitrary separation, be it distance, choice or death. These images are about the discrepancy that often exists between what we see and therefore assume, and what is objectively true. They are also about the question, "what is objective truth?". What we cannot know when a child's life is captured on film is of course where their life will take them. We witness them frozen in time, in a moment that ceased to be as soon as it was recorded. What I have chosen to do is to juxtapose this past and this future into one image, as if to consolidate the totality of life rather then its different passages. In this process, I also record my relationship with the subject and how their life has in one way or another affected mine.